Help Us Find a Cure

Honour them with a donation Imagine a future where glaucoma doesn’t cast its dark shadow.
That’s the vision that sparked renowned ophthalmologist, Dr. Graham Trope, to set up the Glaucoma Research Society in 1988. And that’s the vision that has enabled the Society to raise over two million dollars in support of researchers seeking a cure for this disease.

You can help change the future for generations to come by supporting cutting edge research into the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of glaucoma through your contribution to the Glaucoma Research Society of Canada.

Your donation will fund researchers working to find more effective treatments for glaucoma. Please give whatever you can afford; no amount is too small.

Supporters who donate $25 and over will receive:

  • our twice yearly newsletter in the mail
  • advance notice and an invitation to our Annual Supporters Meeting which features the Albert Waxer Lecture and a Question & Answer session with leading glaucoma specialists.

Donations to the Glaucoma Research Society of Canada are tax deductible.

Eye Donations Needed

One of the best ways to determine what is wrong in eyes with glaucoma is to look for differences between eyes from donors free of disease and from donors with glaucoma.

Information gathered from eyes with glaucoma can help researchers find the cure for this blinding disease. But eye donations are rare, and donations of eyes with glaucoma, rarer still. This precious material would be used by GRSC-funded scientists and the Human Eye Biobank initiative,, for translational research.

Please Help

If you are interested in donating your eyes after death, visit the website to register your consent to donate. Registering your consent may be done in person or by mail when renewing your health card with ServiceOntario.

It is important to share your wishes with your family so that they know your wishes and can act on them at the time of your death. This will help ensure the Eye Bank of Canada – Ontario Division can provide your eyes to researchers in Canada.

  For more information and frequently asked questions about eye donations, visit the Eye Bank of Canada – Ontario Division website at


Or if you prefer print out the form and your cheque or VISA/MASTERCARD information to:

Glaucoma Research Society of Canada
1929 Bayview Avenue, Suite 215E
Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3E8